Far Away Patient

As, India is a long glowing heritage of cosmetic and beauty, we believe that science and art meet in form of “COSMETIC SURGERY”, and very few surgeons have mastered the art of sculpting your face and body - giving the most desirous natural results.

Dr. Sunish Goyal’s primary interests are in hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery of face, body and breast. His repertoire of work also includes reconstructive surgeries, micro vascular surgeries and a variety of surgical repair where the functional outcome is more important.

Our mission is to build an organization that gives honest and sincere advice and provides high quality, state of the art personalized medical Aesthetic and Reconstructive services in a safe and comfortable environment with utmost care and precaution.

An organization that respects its patient’s privacy ensures complete confidentiality and takes pride in its achievements while making its patients proud of themselves.

It is quite noticeable that people living in the countries where plastic surgery costs are higher than somewhere abroad, will go abroad. It may be very advantageous because the sum of money left from the difference in prices not only covers additional expenses such as for transportation, accommodation and leisure, but still there is a lot of saving too.

Those who plan to travel to India to have a cosmetic surgery, have an opportunity to combine the excitement offered by travel and changes in their appearance and life at the same time. Safe cosmetic plastic surgery, effective results, warm Indian Hospitality and very nominal costs are our specialties. With a worry free approach, Dr. Sunish Goyal will ensure your cosmetic enhancement goes exactly the way you want it. We take utmost care for comfort & confidentiality & offer world class facilities and treatments to deliver exceptional results in “Feel at Home” atmosphere.