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Lavanya is a place where you can feel secure, you can walk in with trust, and be confident that one of the most experienced Cosmetic Surgeons in Jaipur will give you the life changing transformation you always wanted. At Lavanya, we believe that science and art meet in form of “COSMETIC SURGERY”,and very few surgeons have mastered the art of sculpting your face and body -giving the most desirous natural results.
Lavanya is a centre of excellence in Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Laser Treatment & Hair Transplant in Jaipur, India.

Lavanya is an initiative of Dr. Sunish Goyal, an experienced & senior cosmetic & plastic surgeon practicing in Jaipur & other places over a decade.
Our aim is to provide high quality cosmetic & plastic surgery services to people at affordable cost. Our mission is to establish the center as a brand with high standards of services.
Advances in medical Science & Technology has made cosmetic surgery a predictable, safe, cost effective and intelligent option for staying beautiful and looking younger.
My first step would be a frank discussion of desires & possibilities in a discrete, private atmosphere & efforts to dilute myths & misconceptions about cosmetic surgery.
Our mission is to build an organization that gives honest and sincere advice and provides high quality, state of the art personalized medical Aesthetic and Reconstructive services in a safe and comfortable environment with utmost care and precaution.
An organization that respects its patient’s privacy ensures complete confidentiality and takes pride in its achievements while making its patients proud of themselves.
Our goal is for you to look your best. Plastic surgery focuses on a natural rejuvenated look, not the common misconception of a surgically done appearance. We believe that we are not happy unless you are satisfied.

Dr. Sunish Goyal

Dr. Sunish Goyal

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sunish Goyal is a qualified cosmetic and plastic surgeon (board certified) with special interest in cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation. He is practicing cosmetic and plastic surgery since 2000.

Dr. Sunish Goyal’s primary interests are in hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery of face, body and breast. His repertoire of work also includes reconstructive surgeries, micro vascular surgeries and a variety of surgical repair where the functional outcome is more important.

Dr. Sunish Goyal regularly operates on patients from Rajasthan, Haryana and UP. People from rest of india and foreign nationals also approach him in significant number. His patients include entrepreneurs, IT professionals, models, doctors, students and home makers.

He has spent several years around the world watching great Plastic Surgeons at work. His hobby for sculpting and to work with precision has transformed into his profession.

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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair has a great social significance for human beings. It can grow on almost every area of the human body except on the palms and soles. But hair is most noticeable in only a small number of areas which are also the ones that are most commonly trimmed, plucked or shaved. Hair is seen as an indicator of gender or aging. Facial hair is one of the most visible differences between the male and female body, while facial hair is a sign of puberty in men, white hair is an indicator of aging. Although in today’s society a shaved head is an acceptable hair style for men, healthy hair indicates vitality and youth, which may explain the reason why many people experiencing baldness seek hair restoration.

Baldness is the loss of hair from the head. In men, this condition can have its onset from a younger age (about 16 years). Conventionally, baldness is believed to be caused due to three main factors: age, hereditary factors, and effect of androgenic hormone. Adding to these, changes in life style have also contributed to this condition. Examples of such conditions are stress in the forms of smoking, late night jobs, long hours of work, irregular sleep cycles. These conditions have not only increased baldness in men, but also in women. Therefore, hair transplantation technique can also be beneficial to them.

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Patients Testimonial

- Maya Singh

The staff was so supportive and eager to please. I can not sing your praises enough. Even the food was excellent…Your staff is remarkable – a treasure in today’s health care market.

- Poonam Soni

The doctor showed passionate care, deep understanding, real professionalism, went further to wipe out possible causes. Plus the other attributes that reassured us. The doctor was open and direct.

- Nandani Kapoor

Your surgery are skilled and full of encouragement and compassion and your employees are very attentive and make their patients needs their priority. I never had to wait more than a few minutes to receive whatever assistance I needed.

- Aarti Garg

Reception was very helpful and it is made the whole experience the best it could be.

- Rashmi

Your care was worth being two and a half hours from home!

- Rupali Sharma

Very recently I was a patient in Lavanya Clinic for otoplastry. I am writing to tell you how wonderful all the staff on these wards were. They were highly efficient compassionate and above all caring in every circumstance. I am full of admiration for this work and the length of time they are on duty and feel no praise is high enough for them. They are a total credit to the Nursing profession.

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