Cosmetic Gynecology

Aesthetic female genital surgery is designed to improve the appearance subjectively, and potentially provide psychological and functional improvement in sexual stimulation and satisfaction. That’s why more and more number of women is now seeking cosmetic vaginal surgery to recreate sexual excitement, restore self-esteem and rejuvenate their love lives.

Physicians have neglected aesthetic surgery of the female external genitalia. However, awareness of female genital aesthetics has increased owing to increased media attention, both from magazines and video. Sometimes the way a woman feels about the look and sensation in her vagina and pubic areas can mean devastating effects on her life. Women may feel self-conscious about the appearance of their labia majora (outer lips) or, more commonly, labia minora (inner lips), particularly as age sets in and the labia become stretched and saggy. The vaginal cavity can also be stretched due to the effects of childbirth and aging, resulting in decreased sensation during sexual intercourse. The aging female may dislike the descent of her pubic hair and labia. A large pubic fat deposit may be unsightly. It can threaten her self-esteem, reduce her sexual desire, and ruin her intimate relationship and love life. . Women may feel self-conscious about the appearance of their labia majora (outer lips) or, more commonly, labia minora (inner lips). Plastic surgeons are in a unique position to do something about that.

What is Female cosmetic genital surgery (FCGS)?

Female cosmetic genital surgery is the term given to a group of surgical procedures which are performed to improve the aesthetics of female genitals. Cosmetic Gynecology can be performed for any reason from tightening up the vagina to trimming to labia and increasing the sensitivity of the female g-spot. It is a highly specialized branch of cosmetic surgery which enhances the vaginal area. In recent years, the most commonly performed female genital procedure is Hymen Repair or Hymenoplasty or revirgination; in which the thin membrane that covers the vaginal opening is restored to its original shape to give you a virgin appearance. It is common for women to want to have the inner labia reduced, especially if they protrude farther out than the outer labia.

Although not much talked about, these procedures are very popular and lead to very satisfying results.

We know that having cosmetic genital surgery is a very private decision. We maintain a strict non-disclosure policy for your privacy and protection.

Several procedures come under the term FCGS

Hymenoplasty or Revirgination

“I didn’t care about it but I come from a conservative family. I couldn’t tell my parents that I am not a virgin. My parents have arranged my marriage. So I chose to get this surgery done,” a 23-year-old, who has recently got the surgery done, told us.

Once lost, virginity can never be replaced — but modern medicine now offers women a near-perfect physical simulation of their lost innocence. The hymen is a thin, delicate membrane (a membrane is like skin but much thinner). It partially covers the opening of the vagina in most girls. The hymen is named after, the god of marriage in classical Greek mythology, Hymenaeus. Hymenoplasty, the surgical reconstruction of the hymen broken during a women’s first experience of intercourse, or, increasingly, during demanding exercise or as a result of a collision or fall by women who’ve never had sex, has prompted a growing number of young betrothed women to make a last-ditch attempt to avoid the humiliation, repudiation, and possibly violence that could result from husbands and families discovering from blood-free bridal sheets that their wedding night had not been their first sexual experience.

Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery is the surgical restoration of the hymen, which has been torn in tags after multiple intercourses. It is also known as hymenorrhaphy. Usually, the aim of hymenoplasty gets done aim is to cause bleeding during post-nuptial intercourse, which in some cultures is considered proof of virginity. A woman would like to restore a more intact, tighter hymen ring and experience vaginal bleeding and pain with the first sexual intercourse. Using a special surgical technique Dr. Goyal performs hymen repair to tighten and restore the hymen to a more intact, virgin-like, state. In most cases the hymen repair is virtually undetectable after complete healing and our patients have been extremely pleased with Dr. Goyal’s very natural-looking hymen repair surgery results. Dr. Goyal customizes the surgery to the individual needs and expectations of the patients.



Labiaplasty is a procedure performed on women who dislike the large size of their labia minora, which may cause embarrassment with a sexual partner or discomfort in tight pants or during sports or sexual intercourse. This involves surgery to the labia minora (inner lips) and less frequently, the labia majora (outer lips). It generally involves reducing the size of the inner lips so they do not protrude below the outer lips. It is also used to correct the asymmetry of the lips. Functional indications include: discomfort in clothing or during sports, dyspareunia due to invagination of the labia on penetration can be another functional reason but an increasing number of women seek this kind of surgery purely for aesthetic reasons. The procedure is simple, performed under local anesthesia as a daycare procedure. An area of the labia minora is removed using a variety of incisions and takes 1 to 2 hours. You will go home after the surgery; there is no need for an overnight stay in the hospital. Careful placement of the scar is important, however, to prevent painful scar contracture along the rim of the labia. We have refined this technique over the years to safely reduce the size of the labia majora by excising a crescent-shaped portion of the inner portion of the labia majora. The scar is hidden in the crease between the inner and outer labia. When there is a volume excess, the enlarged labia majora can be reduced by liposuction. However, this might create sagging and skin excess. In case of skin excess due to volume loss, a reduction of the labia majora can be performed using a longitudinal wedge excision of the excess tissue with the incision along the length of the labia minora.

Labia Majora Augmentation

This procedure seeks to plump up the outer lips by injecting them with fatty tissue taken from another part of the woman's body. As women age, after childbirth or with weight loss, the labia majora may undergo significant atrophy and the dermis under the skin thins out. As a result of these changes the labia majora becomes shrunken, flat, saggy, wrinkled, and darkened. The surgeon can drastically rejuvenate the labia majora with micro fat grafting. The fat injections add fat to the areas beneath the skin, creating fullness where needed that results in a lasting, youthful appearance of the labia majora.


Vaginal tightening surgery has been around since the mid-fifties when gynecologists used to tighten the entrance of a woman's vagina with an extra stitch while repairing vaginal and perineum tears or episiotomies after giving birth. At that time it was notoriously known as the “husband's stitch,” the “husband's knot,” or the “vaginal tuck,” and doctors discreetly referred to this procedure as “improving a woman's well-being.” Vaginoplasty also referred to as vaginal tightening or vaginal rejuvenation, involves tightening the inside of the vagina and the vaginal opening by removing the excess tissue from the vaginal lining. It effectively results in a vagina with a smaller diameter. Vaginoplasty is often promoted as a solution for women who have experienced a loss of vaginal tone due to childbirth. The goal of these procedures is to reconstruct (or narrow) the lower third of the vagina, which includes “the orgasmic platform, internal and external vaginal diameter (introitus), and the perineal body.”Vaginoplasty can enhance sexual gratification for women who for whatever reason lack an overall optimum architectural integrity of the vagina. Vaginoplasty can also be performed as a reconstructive procedure for correcting the defects and deformities of the vaginal canal or congenital absence of the vagina (vaginal atresia) or because of an acquired cause (e.g. trauma, cancer). The procedure usually performed under general anesthesia may be as simple as placing sutures at the introitus (vaginal opening) or may involve excising excess vaginal mucosa together with tightening the muscles of the posterior vaginal wall. Neovaginoplasty may involve taking skin from your thigh & creating a new vagina through it.

G-Spot Augmentation

The G-spot is described as a highly erogenous zone inside the vagina that enlarges when directly stimulated. The erotic zone can be found on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra. Although the location varies, the G spot is typically located about halfway between the pubic bone and the cervix, ~2 to 5 cm into the vagina G spot augmentation is believed to enhance the sexual stimulation to the G spot through the increased projection of the G-spot into the vagina (3–5 mm). In a nonaugmented state, the G-spot lays beneath the surface of the vaginal wall and needs to be stimulated indirectly, when projected into the vagina the G spot is more accessible for stimulation. The augmentation is performed by collagen or hyaluronic acid injections under local anesthesia. It is an office procedure where the patient first indicates the right zone to be augmented by palpation. The effect of the current bulking agents is not permanent because of resorption; it usually lasts for 6 to 9 months.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

This simple procedure involves reducing the hood of the skin which surrounds the clitoris, exposing the head of the clitoris that lies underneath. A clitoral hood reduction is aimed at providing more stimulation, therefore, heightening a woman's sexual pleasure. The procedure is also known as cordectomy or female circumcision.

Public Liposuction & Lift

A woman may have unsightly fat deposits in her pubic region, which causes a bulge in clothes. Usually, the fat can be eliminated by liposuction - this is called pubic liposuction. Aging or weight gain may cause the pubic and vaginal regions to descend, resulting in an aged appearance. These areas can be rejuvenated and lifted by excising excess skin above the pubic hair and removing excess fat in the pubic region. The pubic liposuction and pubic lift procedure may be combined with a tummy tuck.

Your Recovery

After surgery, you will wear a menstrual-type pad to absorb any little drainage and to provide padding and protection to the area. You can expect some swelling and discomfort for 1 to 2 weeks. Most women return to work in 1 to 3 days, and sutures are dissolvable. Strenuous activity and exercise should be avoided for 3-6 weeks, and you should not use tampons, douches, or have intercourse for 6 weeks to allow the surgical area to heal properly.

Expected Result

The majority of women are thrilled with their new, more aesthetically desirable appearance after Vaginal Rejuvenation, and are more confident, comfortable, and sexually active.