An over-developed elevation muscle can be weakened with a few injections of B0-t0-x in the elevator muscles of the upper lip. The amount of B0-t0-x units you need depends on the strength of the muscle. Generally, 1,0 units of B0-t0-x are sufficient. This will prevent the upper lip from raising excessively high when you smile. The full results are seen after several days. At that time, your upper lip will not raise as high, revealing only your beautiful smile. This means that your gums are less exposed when you smile. Your natural facial expressions remain unaltered. This is a quick, virtually painless procedure done in Lavanya’s office. The effects are fairly long-lasting, usually requiring two or three treatments every year depending on the individual patient. Additionally, an asymmetrical or irregular smile can also be corrected. For the right patient, this simple, quick procedure can make a world of difference in self-esteem and attitude.